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4800 stars are born every second in our galaxy
headinthestars develops the brightest among them

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Led by J. Best, headinthestars music is a constellation of creative, administrative, and community building entrepreneurs collaboratively developing impactful music, branding, and design strategies. Tell us your ideas and we'll connect the dots.


Vocal, recording, and performance coaching. Songwriting, music and vocal production, and project development. Rooted in collaboration.


Ready to present your creativity to the world? We'll help you develop engaging digital content and an impactful brand strategy.


Eye-catching merch, signs, logos, websites, digital graphics, photography, film, and video editing. Seriously, we're that good.

headinthestars approach to creative development

a space where personal development and pursuing a music career are instinctively aligned

1. Get to Know You

We start by getting to know the people behind the creativity. Nice to meet you.

2. Mental Preparedness

Pursuing a creative career can be tough. We help you navigate the challenges while prioritizing mental wellness.

3. Administrative Development

So much paperwork! We'll help you register your work and understand your rights as a creator.

4. Creative Development

We connect you with a collaborative network of skilled and supportive creatives.

5. Industry Development

Know the business you're in. We'll help you understand creative industries so you can create your own opportunities.

6. Lift Off

Even after lift off, we'll still be here to help you navigate the stars. Let's do it together. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

polaris, if you will

With more than a decade of experience in management and development, J. Best works strategically with creatives to maximize their music career potential in an empowering, educational, constructive, and collaborative environment.

My focus has always been on developing creators who understand the power of their influence and emerging that understanding in creators that don’t. Throughout my experiences developing programming with community organizations and educational institutions such as Carleton University, the Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto, SickKids Foundation, and Lumenus, music has always been my fundamental teaching and engagement instrument. It can connect people, promote inclusivity, shift perceptions, and inspire individuality while fostering intersectional collaboration.

The creation of headinthestars music in 2015 was the culmination of this understanding – a music management, brand development, and design company with the heart of a community organization. I believe personal wellness and resilient mental health are key to safely and sustainably navigating the music industry, and my approach reflects this. First, I explore a musician’s approach to growth so we can acknowledge their sensibilities and sensitivities while challenging perceived limitations. Then, I immerse them in inclusive creative environments that actively assist in their development and share in experiencing the challenges of pursuing artistic careers.

I’m not interested in repurposing and repackaging people simply to meet “commercial demand.” Rather, I’m inspired by helping creatives embrace their uniqueness and find a perspective of confidence they can relate to. With headinthestars music, we’re building organic partnerships with people who trust us to be there for them and guide their musicianship. It’s family. - J

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