headinthestars music

4800 stars are born every second in our galaxy. headinthestars represents the brightest among them.

headinthestars music -

take a walk in the stars

headinthestars music is a Scarborough-based (Toronto) music and management company focused on re-establishing a uniquely Canadian identity in Hip Hop and R&B that is recognized globally.

Through the influences of Caribbean vibes, African beats, and digital sounds, we explore the outer reaches of Hip Hop and R&B to present an imaginative range of unique sounds.

We are a constellation of artists, entrepreneurs, and community builders connecting the world through innovative sound, design, and community development concepts.


headinthestars music

popular culture is as far reaching as our closed bedroom doors
identifying individuals has become an almost insurmountable challenge
headinthestars returns to the origins of abstract
enlightening – particularly among darkness
this is the lifestyle we live
the elevation of minds realizing greatness
staying true to humility with our feet in the streets and our heads in the constellations
for the small comets and asteroids trying to make an immense impact
for the shooting stars missing their mark
for when gravity slows your journey
headinthestars is redefining a galaxy of possibilities
look up