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TOI is a force of creativity, love, strength and passion. The ever-evolving Taurus is continually building and sharing her journey – the obstacles, setbacks and triumphs – in hopes that she can have a positive impact on other searching souls. Body Talk is a beautiful, pounding, powerful manifestation of that. If you know anything about TOI, you know it’s best to hear it in her own words:

“Body Talk evolved from being a fake song to a real one. With the help of some of my closest friends and trusted partners in music, something vulnerable came out. Body Talk is an opportunity for me to share one of the biggest struggles I faced as a youth, even into young adulthood. It’s a chance to impact the conversation surrounding body image, self-awareness, and self-worth.

Body Talk doesn’t propose the solution. Rather, it presents a real struggle and gives me a chance to connect with people who have felt or feel the same way. The song poses a fact; I don’t have that “coveted” body that gets instant “respect and attention”, though I do have substance. It also poses a challenge; I feel like I’m struggling because I don’t possess this particular body type. I feel like people are overlooking my substance because the physical presence isn’t enough. Lastly, Body Talk poses a question; if I get “that body”, will people take me more seriously? I want people to think more deeply about the way they see themselves and how they allow others’ perceptions to impact their daily lives. This truth is why Body Talk can’t propose the solution; the path and experience is yours alone to set.

I’m excited to release Body Talk because it is the first time that people will here TOI in her true element; a fusion of sounds and real talk. It’s something I have been carving out for a long time. I am FINALLY here and ready to rock the stage just as I am; big belly, small ass, pretty face, real struggle, true talent, huge heart, loving family and unwavering purpose.”

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